Virtual office in Italy

Professional address

If your need is to have an italian physical address for business cards, websites, and possibly a plaque with the name of your company or brand in, the postal or professional address service is the service that suits your needs . You may receive mail and small envelops. You will be notified for each document withdrawn and filed and you will be able to receive the documents in your home country in a short time period.

Registered office

Virtual office in Italy

If you have to work in Italy steadily, if you need a position at one of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, your registered office service is the one for you. Address, pickup and post management, and a plaque to highlight your presence

Telephone secretariat

The service allows you to assign an exclusive Italian numbering of the chosen cities or a 800-digit number throughout the Italian territory. The phone number will ring at the business center, the staff will respond in a personalized manner according to the instructions received. You will receive a detailed report of each call

Virtual office

A complete service: telephone line and legal headquarters or telephone line and professional address. An office in Italy in one or more Italian cities to communicate to customers and suppliers, to publish on a website, brochures, letterheads, to use for the Google Maps service.

Daily Office

Daily office Italy

To the previous services you can also add occasional or repeated rental of offices for business meetings. Through our network you have the convenience of having an office where you want in Italy for a day or half day. Furnished and equipped offices where you are reserved to meet customers and suppliers. Many of the venues also feature lounge and coffee corners where you can work while sipping a good coffee.

To know details and costs of the services, please request us an estimate cost, indicating the city/ies of interest or the geographical area, or contact us at 0039059897211

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